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Last modified on 3/31/2020 (Today) 6:26 PM by FogBugz.


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  • If you are installing Datafeed Studio in a subfolder and are having problems ...
    Last edited by User on 12/12/2011 7:49 AM
  • PHP Shell Command  setting should be /ramdisk/bin/php5-cli
    Last edited by User on 10/26/2011 9:37 AM
  • This site hosts all those nuggets of information that will help you get the ...
    Last edited by User on 8/22/2011 6:50 PM
  • There are two basic ways of using DS with Wordpress :   a) adding ad-hoc 'price ...
    Created by User on 8/22/2011 6:48 PM
  • If when you click on an 'Import' link you get the message "The data feed is ...
    Created by User on 8/9/2011 1:16 PM
  • Multiple sites off one installation  A Datafeed Studio license entitles you to ...
    Last edited by User on 5/4/2011 6:47 PM
    Added more info about domain aliasing
  • Both MySQL and Datafeed Studio have a configuration setting that determines the ...
    Last edited by User on 3/23/2011 7:27 PM
    Replaced reference to DS config file with admin site
  • If you want to display the price and merchant logo of a product within the ...
    Last edited by User on 3/18/2011 4:44 PM
  • After a few days you will probably get bored of importing the feeds by clicking ...
    Created by User on 1/21/2011 7:04 PM
  • DS customers should be aware that Heart don't allow 'loopback' connections - ...
    Created by User on 1/19/2011 6:51 PM

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