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Share-A-Sale Notes
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Last modified on 5/15/2009 1:03 PM by User.


Share-A-Sale Notes

It seems that some (but not all?) feeds you download from Share-A-Sale contain the string YOURUSERID instead of your actual user ID.

Obviously, this needs replacing!

To do this follow the steps below so that any feeds you download from SAS will from now on substitute your correct affilaite ID.

1. Go to your DS admin site.

2. Ciick on the Parsers tab.

3. Click on the Edit link for the 'SAS Pipe' row.

4. Click on the 'Filters' link for the deep_link row.

5. Click 'Add Filter'. 

6. For Filter Type select REPLACE, for Param 1 enter YOURUSERID and for Param 2 enter your Share-A-Sale ID.

7. Hit 'Submit' and re-import any Share-A-Sale feeds you have.