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Last modified on 3/18/2011 4:44 PM by User.


Display Price and Merchant Logo on Category Pages

If you want to display the price and merchant logo of a product within the category result screen (i.e. not the main product page) then do the following steps : (assumes modern theme, substitute 'modern' as appropriate).

Backup the file : 


and then in that file, underneath the line :

<a rel="${category_follow_value}" href="${site/url}${product/product_url}">${structure product/name}</a>

add the following lines :

<a rel="${category_follow_value}" href="${site/url}${product/deep_link}"><img border="0" src="${product/merchant_logo}"/></a>
<a rel="${category_follow_value}" href="${site/url}${product/deep_link}">&pound;${structure product/display_price}</a>