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Setting up the import process …
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Last modified on 1/21/2011 7:04 PM by User.


Setting up the import process as a cron job

After a few days you will probably get bored of importing the feeds by clicking the import button at the admin site and will start to think about automating it.

This can be done by setting up the import script 'admin/bin/import.php' as a cron job.

To do this create a file named and place it in :


 giving it file permissions 755. This will act as a 'wrapper' shell script that will change to the correct location before importing.

Edit this file and put the following inside it : 

 cd  /full/path/to/admin/bin
/path/to/php import.php all 

where /path/to/php should be the PHP5 path defined in the 'Config' tab of your admin site and the /full/path/to should be the file path to Datafeed Studio on your host.

This wrapper shell script, /full/path/to/admin/bin/ can now be used as the cron command name.