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Using the Redirect URL
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Last modified on 11/15/2010 9:43 AM by User.


Using the Redirect URL

By default deep link URLs generated by the Wordpress plugin will be in the format : 

regardless of where your Wordpress site is hosted.

If you would prefer your links to look like they are coming from your Wordpress site instead then you can make use of the Redirect URL of the Wordpress options.

This allows you to nominate another URL that will handle the deep link redirection. 

For example, if your Wordpress site has the URL, then create a folder inside the root directory of the Wordpress installation named something like 'go'.

Inside this folder create a file named index.php with the contents:

$ds_url = '';
header("Location: $ds_url/index.php?" . $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']);
Changing the value inside the quotes on line 2 to the URL of your Datafeed Studio installation.
Now you can set the value of the Redirect URL in the Wordpress plugin to be :
so the generated affiliate deep links will look like :
For bonus points you will probably want to add the 'go' folder to your robots.txt file so instruct search engines not to follow the links, e.g.
User-agent: *
Disallow: /go