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Last modified on 10/29/2009 4:12 PM by User.


TradeDoubler Product Feed Changes

On 29th October 2009 TradeDoubler sent an e-mail stating :


We will soon be making some important changes to our product feed structure. To enable future growth we are restructuring our servers which means your product feed links will change. The new link will add the advertiser destination URL directly in the tracking URL instead of requesting it from our system.

CURRENT: This is how the product feed links look like today:[affiliateId])p([programId])prod([productId])ttid(5)

NEW: This is how the new product feed link will look like:[affiliateId])p([programId])prod([productId])ttid(5)url([advertiserDestinationUrl])

The new links will go live on 25th of November.

Things to note:

  • The length of this new link is not fixed and could be something that you need to take into account and make adjustments for.
  • EPI will continue working as normal and you can append this at the end of the url.
The old links will continue to work for 4 months.


This should not have any effect on Datafeed Studio - they have wisely chosen to continue adding the EPI tracking to the end of the URL so no changes should be required.